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Sembawang hot spring is the only natural hot spring on mainland Singapore. The hot spring was located on swampy land owned by Seah Eng Keong, a merchant, who had wanted to keep the spring a secret until the water had been analysed. However, in 1908, municipal ranger William Arthur Bates came across the spring and made it known to the press.

In 1909, Seah started to bottle and sell the mineral-rich spring water under the brand Zombun. Local beverage firm Fraser & Neave (F&N) later took over the spring in 1921 and bottled its water under brands such as Zom and Singa Water.

During World War II, the Japanese converted this area into thermal baths until 1944, when a bomb fell here and disrupted the water outflow. As a result, the spring could not produce enough water for bottling for many years. Instead, it formed marshy pools which attracted nearby residents who bathed, washed clothes or cooked eggs using the hot water.

After the spring returned to its original flow rate, F&N built a factory nearby named Semangat Ayer, which opened in 1967 and bottled the spring water under the brand Seletaris. The factory closed after the area was acquired by the government in 1985 for an expansion of Sembawang Air Base.

Following appeals from the community to preserve the spring for its scientific and historical value, the government kept the spring open to the public and later redeveloped the area into Sembawang Hot Spring Park, which opened in January 2020.

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