About Us

Singapore’s heritage is rich, diverse, and—most importantly—ongoing. The National Heritage Board strives to preserve and catalogue the elements of that unique inheritance, and to present them to the public in an engaging and accessible format. As the custodians of culture, our goal is to capture the essence of what it means to be Singaporean.

Roots.gov.sg is a major milestone in that effort. Introduced in 2016, it houses our national collection, heritage trails, national monuments, historic sites, Intangible Cultural Heritage, and other multimedia assets under one roof, allowing us to transcend the limits of geography and create a space where Singaporeans can easily sample and share the fruits of our history.

With Roots.gov.sg, we’ve built a bigger doorway to our most cherished stories. We invite you to come inside, discover them, and contribute your own. Help us nurture a heritage for all to own.