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@ Home, Truly

Relive the highs, lows and moments in between of Singapore’s journey from its beginnings as a nation to today with Nadine and her beloved grandfather!
command house

Experience Singapore from your home

Places Around You

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Rediscover the treasures in our own backyard that include our National Monuments and Historic Sites and learn about Singapore’s important events, communities and people.
pasir ris

Pasir Ris Heritage Trail

With a treasure trove of stories to offer, this beach town holds a special place in our hearts.


Before You Explore Fort Canning Hill...

Marvel at artefacts from our National Collection discovered on Fort Canning Hill.

eye in the sky

Stay in and Binge!

An aerial video series that showcases the exquisite features and highlights of heritage landmarks in Singapore.

Dive Deeper

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Look back at stories we've published in our Bicentennial year, 2019.
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BALIKSG - Reflections of Singapore

BalikSGExplore old Singapore in Augmented Reality with the BALIKSG app!