Broad Leaf Fig Tree, Jurong East

Broad Leaf Fig Tree, Jurong EastHamidah Bujang, 56, housewifeMadam Hamidah is a regular fixture at the community garden at Jurong East Street 32. Th e treethat has left the strongest impression on her is this broad leaf fig tree, which was bought for $38by the resident’s committee more than 10 years ago. Then, it was about 1m tall, but now it is 6mand full of fruit.The broad leaf fig tree is a very useful plant, she says. The fruit can be eaten raw, used to makejam, or even boiled for soup. The leaves can be used to make tea.Pruning the tree sometimes gives her a pang, as sap would flow of the tree where it is cut. Toher, it is as though the tree is crying.