Crystal Fruit Tree, Jurong East

Crystal Fruit Tree, Jurong EastAtan Kamisah, 57, housewifeThe community garden located at Jurong Street 32 is most known for its crystal fruit trees, aspecies native to Papua New Guinea. Interested gardeners would come down all the way fromplaces like Tampines for fruits and seeds, and the community gardeners have also shared thesaplings with ministers and other gardeners at numerous events.Madame Kamisah, who runs the garden, says that the first seed was brought in 10 years ago bya former resident and garden member, and the resulting tree had its first fruiting after six years.From these fruit, she planted four more crystal fruit trees in the garden. Now, only two trees fruitregularly twice a year, generating up to 400 fruit in busy clusters on branches. The fruit tasteslike a cross between longan and rambutan, she adds.