La Paloma (The Dove)/La Golondrina (Seradell)

The songs featured here, “La Paloma (The Dove)” and “La Golondrina (Seradell)” were performed by the Melotone International Orchestra. “La Golondrina” is Spanish for “The Swallow” and was one of the most popular songs by Mexican composer Narciso Seradell. “La Paloma” (translated as “The Dove”) was yet another popular Mexican tune written by Basque composer Sebastian Iradier in 1863. This version of the songs was performed by the Melotone International Orchestra and recorded by Panachord, a British-based company that began in 1931 and was discontinued by 1939. Music from England and America were gaining popularity amongst Peranakans in Singapore and the Straits during the early 20th century. Musical bands and troupes were formed during this period and they would perform at celebratory occasions organized by Peranakans such as birthdays and weddings.