Deepalakshmi as Nagini

This lamp is an unusual representation of the 'Deepalakshmi', a votive image that is worshipped during Diwali. Here, she is depicted as a 'nagini', where the upper body is a woman and the lower, a coiled snake. The unusual depiction is that she holds a flywhisk ('chauri') in one hand and a lamp in the other as though she was an attendant waiting upon a deity. Diwali is one of India's major festivals. People celebrate the festive day by illuminating their houses with lights, and also light lampsth with friends and family. Lamps are also given away as gifts. Craftsmen hence developed various varieties for gifts.Generally in India, a woman is equated with the goddess Lakshmi. Thus with the light in her hand ('deepa'), this type of lamp came to be known as Deepalakshmi.