History of Sexuality

Born in 1962 in Singapore, multi-disciplinary artist Goh Ee Choo is a graduate of Singapore’s Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and London’s Slade School of Fine Arts. Goh won First Prize (Representational Painting category) in the 1985 UOB Painting of the Year Competition, and came to prominence in 1988 with the seminal collaborative exhibition ‘Trimurti’.Of ‘History of Sexuality’ Goh has said: “This work is about freedom of life. In it I seek to express the spiritual that exists in all things. The spiritual resonance that vibrates in all things also exists in art. Here I see the repressed feeling liberated.” Completed while Goh was studying in London, this abstract drawing of lines and tonal values moves about the surface, taking the viewer in and out again. Goh’s expressive yet controlled handling of the ink gently conveys the contradictory constraints and the resonance he describes above.