Woodlands Heritage Trail - Woodlands at War

Woodlands has the largest park in the north, Admiralty Park, which opened in 2007. The name of this park is a reminder that the nearby area was once a naval base operated by the British Admiralty.
KD Malaya served as the headquarters of the Royal Malaysian Navy until the early 1980s, when Malaysia opened a new naval base in Lumut, Perak.
Completed in 1966, the former Malaysian Base Jetty is a 400-metre-long structure that was once part of a Malaysian naval base called KD Malaya.
The Cause was officially opened on 28 June 1924. It facilitates travel between Singapore and Malaysia. During World War II, it was blown up to prevent the Japanese from crossing over into Singapore.
Two cemeteries of national significance are housed at this site: Kranji War Cemetery is a burial site for soldiers who died defending Singapore and Malaya during World War II, and Kranji State Cemetery is a burial site for two former presidents of Singapore.

Why does Woodlands have places with names like Admiralty Road and Admiralty Park? This is because the British Admiralty, which operated Britain’s Royal Navy, was once a prominent military force in Woodlands. This trail brings you to these and other former military sites and reveals their integral role in Woodlands’ history. 

Other Suggested Short Trail Routes

Explore the Suggested Short Trail Routes:
Communities of Woodlands, 1.5 hours with public transport (4km)
Woodlands at War, 2 hours with public transport (9km)
A Journey through the Woods, 1.5 hours on bike; 2.5 hours on foot with public transport (15km)

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