Former Brunei Hostel


7A Tanglin Hill
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Located at the end of Tanglin Road, the Brunei hostel was constructed by the Brunei government in the mid-1950s to provide accommodation for Brunei students studying in Singapore. The hostel opened in 1958 and was known as Asrama Kerajaan Brunei di Singapura (AKBS) or Tanglin (Hill) Brunei Hostel amongst locals.

Prior to the construction of the hostel, many Bruneian students were residing around Jalan Haji Salam and Geylang. The hostel not only provided lodging for Bruneian students, students from Malaya shared rooms with them. Due to the increased number of students, a multi-storey dormitory block was added later.

As Brunei developed its own education system, the number of students that were sent overseas for secondary education gradually declined. As a result, the Brunei government decided to close down the hostel in 1983 and it has been left abandoned ever since.

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