Eurasian Heritage Gallery


Eurasian Heritage Gallery
139 Ceylon Road, Singapore 429744
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The Eurasian Heritage Gallery located at 139 Ceylon Road, Singapore 429744 (Eurasian Community House) encapsulates the rich history and culture of the small but vibrant Eurasian community in Singapore who have contributed to nation-building since the 1800s. The blend of European and Asian led to an ever-evolving unique Eurasian culture. Some have even traced their family trees back fourteen generations to the 1600s!

Launched in September 2019 by President Halimah Yacob, the Gallery has over 130 artefacts, 400 images and 10 multimedia, to engage visitors of all ages. Gallery 1 introduces visitors to the origins of Eurasians and the many different faces, sharing the enclaves that many lived and roads named after Eurasians. In Gallery 2, visitors will discover the contributions of the community to nation-building in varied fields of occupations, the pioneers in defence and how the community suffered and survived World War II. Gallery 3 shows the unique culture and lifestyle in the sections on dressing, religion, cuisine, language, music and sports.

The Gallery will continue to serve as a focal point for the EA to reach out to the wider Singapore community and enhance understanding of our shared multiracial roots. It will also engage the younger generation through interactive digital technologies to better appreciate our country’s unique melting pot of races.

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