National theatre booklet, Rochore community centre

This is a souvenir publication from the Rochore Community Centre celebrating "Show time 69" at the National Theatre to raise funds. The Rochore Community Centre was opened by the deputy prime minister, Toh Chin Chye in 1963. It closed in 1988, after which the Queen Street Community Centre was renamed as Rochore Community Centre.The National Theatre opened in 1963 built to celebrate Singapore’s achievement of self-government in 1959 and with funds partly contributed by the public. Designed by the renowned architect Alfred Wong (b 1930) this building had a distinct five-pointed façade and the crescent-moon shaped fountain in the front - visual elements derived from the national flag. The spectacular structure set against the slopes of Fort Canning hill with its large 150-tonne steel cantilevered steel-roof overhanging an open-air auditorium that seated some 3,420 and with a revolving stage was a very popular venue for many local and international performances.