Saga Tree, Botanic Gardens

Saga Tree, Botanic GardensLow See Chuan, 52, IT professionalMr Low started collecting saga seeds more than 10 years ago, both for fun and as a way of spendingtime with his children, especially his youngest daughter Zirong. In 2005, he decided to start a GoogleMap showing locations of saga seed trees in Singapore, updating it whenever he came across a bigspecimen. The map currently has 57 trees.The heritage saga tree in the Botanic Gardens is one of his favourite "harvest" spots. It has a girth of4.8m and height of 24m. His family has kept their collection of seeds in a tall spaghetti jar, and at lastcount, there were 3271 seeds inside. "When I look at the jar," he says, "It reminds me of all the times wehave gone through for it.”One line at the back of postcard:No.23Saga Tree, Botanic GardensMap to the Saga Trees of Singapore