Sea Beam, Stamford Road

In the late 1960s, when he was a child, Mr Lai used to visit the former National Library at Stamford Roadwith his siblings. Every time, they would pass by this handsome Sea Beam. Then, although he did notknow what kind of tree it was, it always caught his eye and made a lasting impression on him.Now a botanist based in Pulau Ubin, he is passionate about native plants in Singapore and focuses onthe research and preservation of trees here.As for his favourite Sea Beam, which is 42m tall with a girth of 4.95m, Mr Lai estimates that it is morethan 100 years old.Before the old National Library was demolished, he took his son to say farewell to the building. His sonslid down the bannisters, just as Mr Lai used to do when he was young. Next, they went to stand underthis old tree, and Mr Lai felt an overwhelming sadness. To his surprise, a caterpillar fell right before theireyes. He wrote an essay on the day’s experience and his memories of the old National Library. The titleof the essay was “That trees do cry”.One line at the back of postcard:No.3Sea Beam, Stamford Road, c. 1880sOld National Library