Bodhi Tree, Sungei Road

Bodhi Tree, Sungei RoadGoh Cheng Lam, 70, cobblerMr Goh has worked as a cobbler for more than 50 years, moving around the Sungei Road area andusually operating from under a tree. All his tools are in a cart attached to his bicycle, which he rides fromhis home in Boon Keng. He has been at this Bodhi tree for the past five years, earning $20 to $100 aday from loyal customers.He says that although this is a “nameless tree”, “(he) is still very fond of it.” “There aren’t any big snakesand nobody important died here,” he adds. “But the tree’s been a great help to me.”Other people who share the shade is a cleaner, who takes afternoon naps there after lunch, as well asMr Goh’s friends and regulars.One line at the back of postcard:No.12Bodhi Tree, Sungei Road