Bodhi Tree, Bidadari Cemetary

Bodhi Tree, Bidadari CemeteryGoh Si Guim, 52, perfusionist and nature lover"This Bodhi tree is my favourite tree in the former Bidadari Cemetery. It was definitely there before I wasborn — its age is in excess of 50 years.When I still had reservist in the 1990s and early 2000s, I used the Christian side of the cemetery to trainfor my IPPT runs. The open ground and the ups and downs of the place make good running ground.The slope on which this fig tree sits is the final leg of my run, so I will always pass by it to reach the topof the hill. On the hill, I’ll cool down, then sit down and shut my eyes.The Bodhi tree has slim hanging branches that sway gently when the wind blows. The leaves areabundant and heart-shaped, with a long tip. The tree goes through several phases all year round.Sometimes all the leaves turn yellow, and are shed. New leaves emerge, and those are pink in colour.But to me, the tree's most magnificent hue is when it is golden against a pale blue sky."One line at the back of postcard:No.13Bodhi Tree, Bidadari Cemetery, c.1950s