Metal plaque marking location of time capsule

Buried in 1990 by then DPM Ong Teng Cheong at the ACM green, this time capsule provided a means to store a collection of items which would highlight key and national accomplishments from 1965-1990. One of its objectives is also to remind people that as we celebrate Singapore’s anniversary of independence, the celebration is not an ending of an era but a bridge to the next 25 years. Guidelines were given to the various agencies who contributed items for the time capsule. It was indicated that the items should either depict the life style of the day, reflect or represent major social, political or economic issues/developments or concerns of the day, and they must fit into the circular time capsule (1.8m (h) x 1 m (diam); weight is 600kg). The items should also be of interest to the general public. A total of more than 120 items can be found within the time capsule when it was excavated in Dec 2014 although the official press release from 1990 indicated approximately 88 items.