Silver hairbrush with a dragon and double-happiness

This is a silver hairbrush with a dragon and double-happiness motif that is part of a grooming set. It was probably presented as part of the bridal dowry for a Chinese wedding.The artefact was donated by Datin Patricia Lim Pui Huen, and is part of a series of items that belonged to her mother, Mdm. Violet Woo. Born in Hong Kong, Mdm. Woo later moved to Singapore after her marriage and was an active member in the Chinese Women’s Association (founded in 1916), becoming its vice-president in 1979. Datin Lim is the great-granddaughter of Wong Fook Kee, better known as Wong Ah Fook, who was a prominent Chinese businessman and philanthropist. Datin Lim’s grandfather was Wong Ah Fook’s eldest son, Wong Siew Nam. Her father, Wong Peng Shing, was Wong Siew Nam’s second son.