Postcard promoting Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is an area located along the north bank of the Singapore River that runs along the River Valley Road stretch between North Boat Quay and Clemenceau Avenue. The area was originally known as East Street and West Street before it was renamed after Lieutenant-General Sir Andrew Clarke, second Governor of the Straits Settlements (1873-1875). Clarke Quay started out as one of the trading districts where warehouses and godowns were located to store the goods that were ferried by lighter vessels up and down the Singapore River. Following the cleanup and diversion of port traffic away from the river in the 1980s, the area gradually fell into disuse as a distribution centre for port cargoes. Clarke Quay was subsequently redeveloped into a shopping, entertainment and dining district with the opening of new buildings such as the Liang Court shopping and hotel complex in 1984. The old warehouses and godowns in the area were also converted into commercial spaces as part of the revamp.