View of High Street from Fort Canning

This photograph is one of the few known views taken by India-based photography firm, Bourne & Shepherd. High Street is seen here with its rows of shops, hotels and public offices on the north side of the river. Fort Canning Hill was originally known as Bukit Larangan (Forbidden Hill) and then, with the arrival of the British in 1820s, as Government Hill.Sir Stamford Raffles built a small bungalow as his residence here in 1823, which subsequently became the residence of the Governor, and remained so until 1859. The height of the hill, as measured by John Turnbull Thomson, is 47 m (156 ft) and commands a view of the Singapore town unparalleled by any other vantage point. From that time, this hill with many names was a perennial favourite of 19th century photographers who were looking to obtain a bird’s eye view of the surrounding town of Singapore.