Seated figure of Wenchang with attendant

This is a figure of Wen Chang flanked by one of his attendants, the bearded Zhuyi, the distributor of examination results. He was usually depicted wearing a red robe and was believed to be the bearer of good luck for ill-prepared examination candidates. The distinctively greenish tone is probably due to impurities in the glaze. Although the walls are thickly moulded, this piece does not have the deep carving compared to the other large figure of Wen Chang. It also lacks the hand-finished details such as incised decoration of the robes.Dehua, located on the southeast coast of Fujian province, is well known for its production of white porcelain, known to Europeans as 'blanc de Chine'. The earliest Dehua porcelain was produced as early as the 14th century but the production and quality of these porcelain peaked around the 17th and 18th centuries.