View of the Tanglin Barracks

In 1868, 10 attap-roof structures were built by the Colonial Engineer, Colonel George Chancellor Collyer, to house British infantry troops. This move was borne out of fear of the weaknesses in Singapore’s defence following the Indian Mutiny of 1857. The barracks were “large, airy structures with wooden floor boards raised on piles some four feet above the level of the surrounding ground”. The 80th Foot Staffordshire Volunteers became the first occupants of the barracks. This photograph was probably taken by August Sachtler in 1869 and shows a cricket game being played on the grounds of the barracks. Major C.H. Malan had taken command of the troops in 1869 and had the jungle cleared and turfed with grass to make a cricket pitch. He saw such forms of recreation as a way to reduce drunkenness among the troops.