Necktie shaped hangings such as these, also referred to as ‘gewgaws’ were usually found in the bridal chamber. This pair is decorated with motifs consisting of the eight Taoist immortals and a pair of ‘qilins’ (mythical hooved Chinese creature). This is a group of legendary immortals in Chinese mythology whose powers could be transferred to a power tool that can give life or destroy evil. This piece is made using silk thread embroidery and sequins on silk. Gold thread couching is used here to outline and highlight certain aspects of the design. Each set of hangings usually consists of three solid panels connected by beaded tassels and decorative bobs wrapped with a network of silk threads.These ornamental hangings were hung from the wedding bed. They are among the many pieces of embroidery used to dress up the bridal chamber. They served no real functional purpose, except to carry good wishes and happy tidings to the wedding couple.