Portrait of the President of the City Council, Mr. W.L. Blythe

This is a portrait of Wilfred Lawson Blythe, who served as Colonial Secretary (1950-1953). Born in 1896 and educated at the Universities of Liverpool and Grenoble, Blythe served in WWI and joined the Malayan Civil Service in 1921. He served in various capacities in Malaya including Protector of Chinese (1926-1936). He was interned during the Japanese Occupation. Blythe's writings including those on secret societies, correspondences and reminiscence of his time in Malaya are held in the School of Oriental and African Studies Archives in London. Some of his writings published by Oxford are to be found in National Library of Singapore.Dated 1951 and bearing the artist’s signature, H A Freeth, this charming portrait of Blythe reveals a gifted hand.