Portrait of Sun Yat Sen

Born in 1866 in present-day Guangdong, the founder of the Chinese Revolutionary Alliance (Tong Meng Hui), Sun Yat Sen, played a major role in raising awareness, support and funds for the revolution which led to the collapse of the Qing Dynasty. Following the collapse, the Republic of China was created in 1912 with Sun as president. He was eventually exiled in 1913 by the Republic’s new president, Yuan Shikai. In 1923, Sun became the head of the Kuomintang Government which ruled from the city of Canton (now Guangzhou). He died of liver cancer in Beijing in 1925.This portrait of Sun Yat-Sen belonged to the Chan Clan in Singapore. It was produced by local art studio, Wei Xiao Painting Studio, situated at Tanjong Pagar. The studio was founded by Guan Yi Xian in 1928. After Guan returned to China in 1936 to support anti-Japanese activities, the business was managed by his two sons, Zhong You and Zhong Zhuo. Their younger sister Man Qing is a famous Chinese Ling Nan painter.