Investigating History: Colonial Singapore 1819 - 1941

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Historical Investigation Unit 2 - Colonial Activity Sheet

This resource has been put together in collaboration with the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) for the Historical Investigation (HI) question “How was life like for people in colonial Singapore?”. It is designed to help you to better plan for HI visits to the National Museum of Singapore (NMS).

We have identified sources from the Crown Colony zone in the Singapore History Gallery (SHG on level 1) and the Modern Colony gallery (level 2) that you can consider when designing a HI question in relation to colonial Singapore or planning for a visit for this HI unit.

These sources have been categorised to allow students to investigate how people’s lives were like in colonial Singapore.

We have also suggested a few thinking questions to help students engage with the sources in a more critical manner.

We hope you find this resource packet useful when planning your HI visits to the museum and that your students will enjoy seeing the actual sources and being immersed in our galleries.

Please contact us at should you have any questions or require further assistance in planning.

Download Investigating History: Colonial Singapore 1819 - 1941 (9.6mb)