Form, Shape, Colour & Line - Abstraction in Public Art

Sense Surround
Endless Flow
The Rising Moon
Large Reclining Figure
Points of View
Dual Universe
Tall Tree in the Eye
Progressive Flow
Tropical Leaf
Above Below Beneath Above
Wall Drawing
Artificial Rock

Very often, people find abstract art difficult to understand and appreciate due to the lack of realistic elements and recognisable forms. However, while abstract art does not represent realistic figures, it is still capable of evoking emotions and sparking the imagination. This public art trail will introduce some prominent abstract sculptures in Singapore that span from the early 20th Century when many artists began experimenting with different styles of art and exploring forms, to today.

Located mostly around the Central Business District, these sculptures are a mix of both local and international artists and represent a wide spectrum of styles and materials. It is interesting to see how abstraction is treated by both foreign and local artists alike. Despite coming from different backgrounds and at different points in time, we are able to trace a common thread in the desire to use form, shape, colour and line to reflect identity and values, and express concepts and emotions of the community and the environment in which the artwork is a part of.