Woodlands Heritage Trail - A Journey Through the Woods

The first park to open in Woodlands is Woodlands Town Garden in 1983. It was renovated and reopend as Marsiling Park in 2018.
Completed in 1966, the former Malaysian Base Jetty is a 400-metre-long structure that was once part of a Malaysian naval base called KD Malaya.
Woodlands has the largest park in the north, Admiralty Park, which opened in 2007. The name of this park is a reminder that the nearby area was once a naval base operated by the British Admiralty.
Opened in 2010, Ulu Sembawang Park Connector is a walking and cycling track that was formerly part of Jalan Ulu Sembawang, a road that connected Mandai Road with parts of Woodlands and Sembawang.
The history of Sri Arasakesari Sivan Temple dates back to the early 20th century, when it was founded as a religious and social space for Ceylonese Tamils residing in the Woodlands area.

This is a self-guided trail.

True to its name, Woodlands continues to be a place filled with trees and woods. This trail allows you to explore the parks and other green spaces that make up Woodlands, as well as the rich history of these places. Due to the extended length of this route, cycling is suggested.  

Other Suggested Short Trail Routes

Explore the Suggested Short Trail Routes:
Communities of Woodlands, 1.5 hours with public transport (4km)
Woodlands at War, 2 hours with public transport (9km)
A Journey through the Woods, 1.5 hours on bike; 2.5 hours on foot with public transport (15km)

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