Kampong Glam Community Club


Kampong Glam Community Club - 385 Beach Road Singapore 199581
385 Beach Road Singapore 199581
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The Kampong Glam Community Club has an intriguing history. First established at Beach Road in 1960, the community club was located there until 1972 when it was relocated to 750 Victoria Street due to a land reclamation project at Beach Road.


In a peculiar twist of fate, the Kampong Glam Community Club relocated back to Beach Road in 1998. The move occurred after Kampong Glam Community Club merged with Crawford Community Centre. The latter, which was built in the 1950s, had merged with Bras Basah Community Centre in 1985 due to boundary changes brought about by the resettlement of residents and businesses into the new Housing Development Board (HDB) blocks. It eventually merged with Kampong Glam Community Club. The community club’s former location at Victoria Street was transformed into a Land Transport Authority (LTA) site office.


Interestingly, Kampong Glam Community Club is known for their Northern Lion Dance troupe and Ceramic Art Club. The Community Club also actively organises interfaith-related activities to foster a deeper understanding among all the different communities in Singapore.


Kampong Glam Community Club, like all of the community clubs in Singapore, both old and new, play a vital role for our society, promoting the flourishing of Singapore’s multi-faceted society. It also serves as a venue for members of the public to pursue and enjoy a variety of other recreational activities and learn new skills be it ceramic art, the martial arts, dance or learning a new language.

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