Cantonment Road 1998 to 2004


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The CPIB’s fourth office at Cantonment Road used to be Keppel Primary School which was due to close down and repossessed by the Land Office at a time when the CPIB was told that they had to move out of the office building at Hill Street.

Eventually, the Cantonment Road site became home to CPIB from 1998 to 2004. This period saw a focus on community engagement work and the Bureau’s first Heritage Centre was founded. Named the CPIB Exhibition Room and armed with two educational videos, visitors to the Bureau were treated to a meaningful programme, learning about Singapore’s journey and the Bureau’s work in combating corruption.

The Cantonment Road facility was a huge and refreshing change from the more confined office in Hill Street. The ‘kampung’-styled surroundings were dotted with fruit trees such as jackfruit and banana as well as curry and pandan leaves. The sprawling grounds also afforded many recreational activities including football, durian and popiah parties, and barbeques which were to become the main activity for many Bureau’s gatherings.  The football games were great for bonding as the enthusiasts gathered after office hours to play ball.  
In 2002, the CPIB celebrated its golden jubilee with a new logo, and a new chapter begun.