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The original jetty was built by the Japanese between 1942 and 1943 during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore to facilitate movement to and from Pulau Ubin. 

Before the Japanese built the Pulau Ubin jetty in 1942-43, one had to walk over the muddy shore after disembarking from the boat in order to reach dry land.

Second Pulau Ubin Jetty

The second Pulau Ubin jetty was rebuilt and opened by then-Education Minister Ong Pang Boon on 24 October 1965, slightly over two months after Singapore gained its independence.

Third Pulau Ubin Jetty

The third Pulau Ubin jetty was built for S$239,000 in 1978. It was upgraded in 1994 at a cost of S$400,000 to include a shelter and seating area. This jetty is the current Pulau Ubin jetty that visitors disembark on after their bumboat journey across Serangoon Harbour from Changi Point Ferry Terminal.