Flats designed by Singapore Improvement Trust


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57, 61, 67-73 Commonwealth Drive, Singapore 140057
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Blocks 57, 61 & 67-73 Commonwealth Drive are the  remaining apartment flats in Queenstown that were designed by the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT). Completed in 1963, there are nine such blocks comprising about 126 three-room flats.

Designed in the Modern style, these three-storey flats feature clean and rational architectural façades such as thin horizontal slabs and ventilation holes. The general public can stroll along footpaths through the spacious green areas on the ground level. Similar to the Housing and Development Board terraces at Stirling Road, these low rise apartments were conceived by the SIT to reduce uniformity in the design of public housing.

Lim Ang Ah (b. 1943) was a former resident of one of the flats. She recalled:

“I lived on the ground floor with my family. There was a huge field in front of my house and my daughter would always play hide and seek with our neighbours there.”