Jurong Brickworks Industry and Dragon Kilns


85 Lorong Tawas Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle Singapore 639283
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Since the 1920s, a number of brickworks operated in Jurong. The brickworks used cows or buffaloes to step on earth, turning it into a gluey paste. This was then hand-shaped by workers, before being baked in brick kilns. Jurong Brick Works, the last of the brickworks in the area, closed in 2005.

There were also other kilns in the area that turned out pottery. Two of such kilns still remain today. One is the Thow Kwang Dragon Kiln, which was established by immigrants from Chaozhou in the 1940s. The other kiln is the former Guan Huat Dragon Kiln, located inside Jalan Bahar Clay Studios. Earning its name for its fiery, almost dragon-like appearance, these dragon kilns can reach temperatures of up to 1,260 degrees Celsius.