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Relive the highs, lows and moments in between of Singapore’s journey from its beginnings as a nation to today with Nadine and her beloved grandfather! This experience is presented in collaboration with The Straits Times.

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The grey-haired man and the girl with the red headband are shown reading the newspaper. It is spread so that it covers the bottom halves of both their faces. The words on the newspaper read “THE STRAITS TIMES” in the first line, and below that, an image of six grey triangles and lines following them (jets with air trails), is set within a red rectangle with a white crescent and five stars on the top right of the image. There is text next to it: “BRINGING NDP 2020 TO SINGAPOREANS”. Above the girl’s head is a speech bubble with the words “THIS YEAR’S NDP IS SO DIFFERENT!” This speech bubble is encapsulated within an even bigger speech bubble with the words “THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME NDP WILL BE AT MANY DIFFERENT PLACES AT ONCE! WE HAD SOMETHING LIKE THAT IN THE 70S AND 80S.” Below that line are four bubbles in brown. The first bubble, on the top right, reads “1975”. Directly below that is an image of a figure in uniform (white long-sleeved shirt with a sash and black belt, dark brown trousers) holding a white sword pointing down in his left hand, and a brown flag with a circular image in the middle of it in his other hand, with his elbow sticking out. This image is marked “HAIG ROAD”. To the left of the image is “TOA PAYOH STADIUM” with an image of stepped seats filled with spectators. The left-most and last image is “MAXWELL ROAD” showing about fifteen figures in white shirts and brown pants, holding out small, brown, square flags pointing downwards with both hands, in a performance of sorts.

1: A March in August

Does it always rain on our parade? Find out more about Singapore’s National Day Parades across the years.

stories 3

2: Top of the Worlds

Wander through playscapes in Singapore, past and present.


3: Old School Daze

School bells and food smells, and wonton with noodles, these are a few of my favourite (school) things!

This Fashion Illustration by Isaac Liang

4: Everything Is Illuminated

Savour the sweetness of celebrating festivals in Singapore with Nadine and Gong Gong.

clean streams

5: Jingle Jungle

Hum along to the tunes of our colourful (and "mascot-ful") campaigns with us!

6: Hope, Truly

What is home truly to you?