Get ready for an adventure with the National Heritage Board’s Heritage Activation Nodes (HAN) initiative!

We’re inviting everyone to join us to explore the rich heritage of your neighbourhoods. HAN works together with local communities and volunteers to cultivate skills and co-create exciting heritage projects to uncover the untold stories that make your community special.


What is Heritage Activation Nodes?

The National Heritage Board's Heritage Activation Nodes (HAN) initiative aims to involve the community in developing projects that celebrate the heritage of their neighbourhoods. Starting in 2024, a series of HANs will be launched in different precincts, offering opportunities for the community to create and execute projects that highlight local heritage. Each HAN will be unique, featuring tailored programs and activities that reflect the distinct character of the precinct.

To introduce heritage programming and enhance neighbourhood spaces, NHB will collaborate with community partners and HAN Heritage Champions, who are volunteers from the community. Additionally, community groups and HAN Heritage Champions will receive training to enhance their capabilities and enable them to organize regular heritage programmes.

What is Heritage Activation Node @ Katong-Joo Chiat?

The first HAN was launched in Katong-Joo Chiat in April 2024. Heritage Activation Node @ Katong-Joo Chiat (HAN@K-JC) will deepen our appreciation of the neighbourhood’s multicultural heritage by offering programmes that explore and celebrate its rich culinary heritage, connection to Peranakan culture, and unique pre-war architecture.

HAN@K-JC is a collaborative effort between the National Heritage Board and the People’s Association through Katong Culture, an interest group of the Joo Chiat Community Club Management Committee. It will provide a range of experiences such as street festivals, guided tours, talks, and other programmes that highlight and celebrate the area's rich heritage. Additionally, other grassroots and interest groups in the neighbourhood are encouraged to partner with NHB in this initiative.

What types of programmes can we anticipate in HANs?

In general, the community will be involved in activating spaces through a variety of programmes within the precinct, such as street festivals, guided heritage walking tours, workshops, and pop-up installations and exhibitions. These programmes aim to celebrate the heritage of the neighbourhoods, thereby making heritage more present in our daily lives.

Given the uniqueness of each HAN and the community partners that NHB will be collaborating with, the specific types of programmes will vary. We are excited to see the outcomes of our partnerships and co-creation efforts, and will provide further details when available. 

How can I be involved and contribute to HAN?

The National Heritage Board (NHB) relies on generous support through sponsorships to further our mission of preserving our heritage and culture. Your support is crucial to our efforts and your contribution makes a significant impact to our cause. We welcome cash and in-kind sponsorships for the Heritage Activation Nodes initiative, supporting our goal of empowering the community to co-develop projects and programmes that celebrate the heritage of their neighbourhoods, thereby making heritage more present in our daily lives! Please contact us at if you are interested to sponsor or to find out more.


As NHB plans to seed additional Heritage Activation Nodes in the coming years, interested parties are welcome to collaborate with NHB to establish these nodes. Please contact us at if you are interested.


If there is a specific heritage project/programme within HAN@Katong-Joo Chiat in mind, you can also respond to and submit your proposals via the joint Call for Collaboration. 

Want to create your own heritage project for HAN? Find out more here.


Interested individuals/groups/organisations may wish to register their interest to volunteer as a HAN Heritage Champion. HAN Heritage Campions play a vital role for HAN, such as being the face of HAN events, contributing to visitor experience, facilitating HAN programmes, and providing expertise in research and writing.

Interested to be a Heritage Champion? Find out more here.


Do I need tickets?

While some of the HAN at Katong-Joo Chiat Launch Festival programmes require prior registration due to limited capacity, you are welcome to join the festivities at our festival venues, where you can enjoy some exciting offerings for free! For ticketed events and programmes, the indicative costs are listed on the respective programme pages.

How can I contact the Heritage Activation Nodes team?

If you are unable to find an answer to your query, please email your query or feedback at