Connections: History and Architecture, City Hall and Supreme Court

Connections History and Architecture City Hall and Supreme Court
Connections: History and Architecture, City Hall and Supreme Court takes a look at two of Singapore's most prominent National Monuments. The histories of the buildings, their architecture as well as their transformation are presented in three parts. The first part is History and Architecture. These two Monuments had been designed to reflect the aspirations of the Singapore colony and have witnessed pivotal events in Singapore's evolution from a colony to an independent republic. The second part is Dreams and Visions. A photographer's interpretation of the buildings' histories and architectural elements, presented through surrealistic images that invite the imagination of readers and inject a fresh breath of inspiration to the buildings. The third part is Restoration and Preservation. The buildings' restoration and transformation into an art gallery are documented in this essay contributed by Jean Francois Milou and studioMilou Singapore, the architectural firm responsible for this monumental effort.

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