Conversation Starter Kit for Seniors: Series 3 - Jobs and Professions

Series 3 Jobs Cover
The Conversation Starter Kit for Seniors is a resource kit developed by the National Heritage Board (NHB). Each kit contains 20 images curated based on a theme, and each image is accompanied by a set of questions to facilitate meaningful conversations between seniors, family members, caregivers, and volunteers. The kits have been used in various community care settings since 2018, and serve as a good introductory tool for cultural engagement with senior audiences.

NHB would like to express our gratitude to our partners, social service agencies, community care practitioners, seniors and volunteers from Anglican Senior Centre, Agency for Integrated Care, Guide Dogs Singapore Ltd, Orange Valley Senior Activity Centre (Woodlands Peak), SAGE Counselling Centre, Sengkang Community Hospital, St. Andrew’s Nursing Home and St. Andrew’s Senior Care, who have contributed to the production of this resource kit.

A softcopy of Series 3: Jobs and Professions (English) can be downloaded here.

Download in Tamil here.

Download in Malay here.

Download in Mandarin here.