The Divine Within: Art & Living Culture of India & South Asia

The Divine Within Art & Living Culture of India & South Asia
In line with the museum's policy, Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) collects objects that showcase the cultural and social achievements and heritage of its people.

The South Asian collection of the ACM, the most comprehensive in Southeast Asia, was built up with this objective in mind. Comprising 250 objects, the emphasis is on South India, although the collection covers various regions and periods of South Asian history.

This detailed catalogue features carvings, sculpture, religious statuary, jewellery, paintings, book covers and ritual objects and is organised around several major themes: religions of India - Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism; South India, where most of the Indians of Singapore trace their roots; ancient India; medieval North India; and colonial India.

The catalogue is richly illustrated throughout with colour photographs, and artefacts are carefully described to give information specific to the object and its cultural significance.