On Conservation - Issue 2

On Conservation Issue 03
This issue of On Conservation features articles highlighting the significant projects and/or conservation treatment undertaken by staff from National Heritage Board's Collections and Conservation departments at the Heritage Conservation Centre (HCC).

Find out more about the technical challenges and decision-making process faced by conservators in preparing the exhibition for a collection of Indian Textiles dating back 1490 to 1900; conservation of a 1843 Town Plan and a 20th Century Javanese Wayang Kulit; A comprehensive article which detailed the practical and ethical difficulties of treating a contemporary works of art; the conservation treatment, experience and skills exchange where HCC is presented with a rare opportunity to work on a paper collection for one of the earliest art museum established in Ubud, Bali; mould mangement which consists of research and studies is an ongoing project undertaken by us; and how the Collection Team harness its virtual tool to explore new ways of looking at objects being discussed in this issue.

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