Bedok Lighthouse at Lagoon View


Bedok Lighthouse at Lagoon View
Lagoon View, Marine Parade Road, Singapore 449293
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Bedok Lighthouse is innovatively located atop a high-rise condominium in Lagoon View, that made several firsts in Singapore’s history.

Innovatively and uniquely located, Bedok Lighthouse is found not on the shores and rocky outcrops of Singapore but atop a high-rise condominium block at Lagoon View.

Inaugurated on Singapore’s National Day in 1978, the Bedok Lighthouse made several firsts in local history. It is the first fully automated and unmanned lighthouse in Singapore and has the distinction of being the first lighthouse situated atop a residential building on the mainland.

Built at a cost of $33,000, its 600,000-candle light beam is purported to be visible at sea for up to 42 kilometres. Despite this, the light has not been disruptive for residents living in the surrounding high-rises.

Standing 76 metres above sea level, its operations are monitored by a telegraph line from the Port Operations Room at the Port of Singapore Authority Towers.

The Bedok Lighthouse was preceded by the now-defunct Fullerton Lighthouse — the latter being replaced when the construction of towering buildings at Marina Centre on reclaimed land hampered its luminous function.

In 2014, plans to shift the lighthouse from Lagoon View to the nearby Block 3 Marine Terrace were announced. With the shift, upgrades such as a closed-circuit television, electro-optic camera and radio communications equipment were to be installed at the new site.

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