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Ketam Quarry, also known as Aik Hwa Quarry, is a disused quarry located in western Pulau Ubin. Ketam Quarry produced up to 160 to 180 tonnes of granite per month at its peak in the 1990s.

Before its 1999 closure, Ketam Quarry employed more than 100 workers and supplied 30-40% of mainland Singapore's granite requirements.

Current Usage of Ketam Quarry

Ketam Quarry's surroundings have been redeveloped by NParks into a 45-hectare park for the public's enjoyment since May 2008. Visitors can climb up to the Ketam Quarry Viewpoint overlooking the disused quarry to appreciate the natural environment around them.

Ketam Mountain Bike Trail

The Ketam Mountain Bike Trail is 10 kilometres long and snakes its way around the disused Ketam Quarry. The trail is designed such that it can be enjoyed by leisure cyclists and competitive cyclists alike, with distinctive terrain features like steep slopes, narrow tracks, drop-offs and other challenging obstacles.