Ah Ma Drink Stall


ah ma
CX46+CP North Eastern Islands
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Ah Ma Drink Stall is near a former prawn farm called Xin Li Prawn Pond. Prawn farms were introduced to Pulau Ubin from the late 1950s onwards and sluice gates like the one near the drink stall were built to regulate the water levels of prawn ponds.

Ah Ma Drink Stall is managed by Madam Ong Ang Kui (also known as Lai Huat So) and her daughter Ivy Choo. Ong lives in a house surrounded by more than 90 durian trees planted by her late husband. Today, she sells drinks and fruits from these trees at her stall.

Renovation of Ah Ma Drink Stall

Ah Ma Drink Stall was renovated through the joint efforts of Architecture students from the National University of Singapore, the Singapore Heritage Society and community groups Kawan Ubin and Sea Angel in 2018 with the support of NParks. The stall re-opened for business on 23 September 2018.

Significance of Ah Ma Drink Stall Renovation

With the renovation, Ah Ma Drink Stall is believed to be the first kampung structure to be built on Pulau Ubin in 20 years. Care was taken during the renovation works to retain the rustic character of the original timber structure, with kampung-style construction methods and techniques being employed for the project.