Wanton Noodles


Wanton Noodles on Geylang Serai Food Trail
14 Haig Road, #01-67 Haig Road Cooked Food Centre
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This Wanton Noodles stall has a long history. It originally started at the Hollywood Cinema Food Centre from the 1960s.

The husband and wife team even has nostalgic black & white photos of themselves in younger days, when they were younger serving up the delicious bowls of authentic Cantonese styled wanton mee.

For each bowl of the dry wanton noodles, the mee kia (thin noodles) is a little springy and well mixed with a spicy sauce that is so fragrant and pleasing to the taste buds.

The dish also comes with a generous helping of tasty, chunky slices of handmade char siew. The slightly burnt barbecued pork blended well with the spicy mee kia, giving it a pleasing smoky texture.