Sing Hon Loong Bakery (Ghee Leong)


Sing Hon Loong Bakery (Ghee Leong)
4 Whampoa Drive, Singapore 327715
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This small, 24-hour bakery has been producing more than a thousand freshly-made traditional brown bread loaves straight from antiquated ovens every day for the past 50 years or so.

The brownish black crust of each loaf is cut away right after baking to reveal a light, fluffy white interior. Its soft, cottony texture is beloved by Singaporeans all over the island.

Customers can choose to have their loaves spread with butter, kaya or peanut butter at the shop upon purchase. Sing Hon Loong's brown sugar loaf, which promises a tinge of caramelised sweetness in every bite, is a must-try. Buns with red bean, potato curry and coconut fillings are also very popular.

Open 24 hours daily.