The Straits Times newspaper, pages 1 and 2

Priced at 10cents and printed just before the official surrender of the Japanese in SIngpore, this two-page newspaper's highlight news would be the return of the British forced to reoccupy Singapore, following the signing of the Potsdam Declaration by the Japanese in Tokyo. Given the situation at that time, the newspaper focused on news about the surrender, experiences of the war internees. One of the columns informed that the newspaper's last day of print before the Japanese Occupation was 14 February 1942. This newspaper was part of the belongings of former prisoner of war (POW) Albert Riley. Albert Riley held the rank of Private in the 196 Field Ambulance unit (part of the Royal Army Medical Corps) and he arrived in Singapore on 29 January 1942 with his unit to help the wounded soldiers. With the fall of Singapore, Riley was held captive as a prisoner of war in Changi, and was sent to work on the Burma-Thailand Railway in 1943, but managed to survive the imprisonment and hardship to return to Changi. He eventually returned home to Britain after the surrender of the Japanese.