Shrine with Sumatinatha, the Fifth Jain Tirthankara

Jains revere twenty-four Jinas, who have attained a state of bliss and transcendence. Jina means “liberator” or “conqueror”. They help all creatures to liberate their souls from the confines of the body. Jinas are also called “river crossers” or “forders” (tirthankaras), because they have been released from the eternal cycle of rebirth.This shrine contains a central image of Sumatinatha, the fifth Jain Tirthankara, identified by geese on the throne. He is believed to possess miraculous powers to fulfil the wishes of pilgrims. He is surrounded by the other twenty-three Jinas. The naked Jina’s indicate that the patrons of the temple for which this shrine was made were devoted to the Digambara sect.