Gauri Shankar rudraksha necklace

This large Gauri Shankar or Rudraksha necklace features a rare form of repousse work depicting iconographic details such as the Dancing Nataraja (a depiction of Shiva as cosmic dancer Koothan performing the divine dance), a number of ‘makara’ (a composite creature), female attendants and other auspicious decorative details including a ‘gopuram’ (monumental tower at the entrance of a temple). The lingam compartment is large and contains the lingam. The clasp pendant depicts Shiva-Parvati riding on Nandi accompanied by their sons Ganesh and Kartikeya. This shows the Shaivite cultus in which the ‘holy family’ is usually worshipped. This necklace was worn by Shaivite devotees and priests in Tamil Nadu. The repousse work featuring motifs and figures in high relief suggests the artistic ability of the craftsman.