Large-sized embroidered patchwork cloth used as child’s ‘dudou’

This piece of large-sized embroidered patchwork cloth was used as a ‘dudou’ (肚兜) to keep a child's stomach warm. Worn under a shirt or jacket, the dudou is wrapped around the stomach of a child and securely tied at the back.This artefact belonged to donor Ms. Angeline Lee Seow Luan’s mother, Mdm. Lim Hwee Luan, a skilful embroider and sewer who worked at the Capitol Embroidery and Dress-making School in the 1950s. With her skills, she embroidered various designs on clothes for her children. She also made her own wedding dress and cheongsam for her wedding. Most women in the 1950s and 1960s were good at sewing and embroidery work.