Qur'an stand

As depictions of human beings or animals are discouraged in Islam, decorations are usually in the form of geometric patterns and floral motifs. This Qur'an stand or 'rahle' is covered with tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl inlay to form a geometric pattern. The early 14th and 15th centuries are known for the start of new techniques and decorative elements such as the inlay found on this stand. Qur’ans are made in different sizes. Most Qur’ans are of regular size for personal use. Large stands have been given to mosques to hold large Qur’ans.Muslims ensure that the Holy Book is handled properly and treated with respect at all times as the Qur’an contains the Divine Message of God. The Qur’an is never left lying unattended on the floor. When read, the Qur'an is placed on the table or if one is seated on the floor, on an elevated plane - a pillow or a stand. The Qur'an is often kept in a box or wrapped in cloth and placed in a high place when not in use.