View of Orchard Road

Orchard Road began as a country lane lined with tall bamboo hedges and thick shrubbery. It was one of two main roads that led out of town towards the north by the 1860s, and its name was derived from the acres of nutmeg plantations that took root there in the 1830s. Fruit tree orchards, spice gardens and pepper farms dotted the hillocks flanking both sides of the road. Other references to the street name have pointed to a Mr. Orchard, a keen gardener who owned plantations at the corner of what is now Scotts and Orchard Roads. This is Orchard Road looking north towards Tanglin, with Scotts Road on the right where the hackney carriage and driver are situated. The Orchard Road Police Station guard post is on the left, with a guard standing at alert, while a Chinese shop can be seen on the right corner.